STAMPS.co.uk (Atomic Oil Uk Ltd TA Stamps.co.uk) is an independent stamp supplier for Trodat. We are based in Surrey, United Kingdom and offer an online platform for clients to design their stamps via our online design platform. 

I have chosen Trodat as our Preferred Supplier as I believe they offer the best quality products and service on the market.

We really try to meet our customers’ expectations and deliver a really good product at a fair price. We almost always get things right but if we have let you down for whatever reason please email me directly at denton@stamps.co.uk.

Brief History about Trodat

Trodat UK is a subsidiary of Trodat GmbH, which was founded in Vienna (1912). Trodat pride themselves on producing self-inking stamps, signage and other engraved goods which lead the way in the global market. As the UK's largest manufacturer of custom self-inking stamps, we provide the reseller, office products industries and End Users with high-quality stamps and engraved goods through our Marking Centre in Paisley.