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New to the market, Trodat's Stamp 'N Stick is the quick and easy way to mark all belongings with a name, custom text and icons. Picture this, your child starting the school year with a new uniform, shoes, lunch box, stationery and by the end of the first week, they have already got their belongings mixed up or lost. Trodat's Stamp 'N Stick aims to avoid these mishaps. The versatile Stamp 'N Stick pack will include 1 green stamp with a black textile ink cartridge, 1 letter and number set with fun icons to allow you to design your own stamp, 30 durable stickers for attaching to trickier materials, 1m iron fleece for better legibility on darker materials and 1 set of tweezers to apply your characters to the stamp easily. Producing 1000s of impressions, the black ink cartridge is dermatologically tested, so perfectly safe to be used on fabrics in close contact with skin. No need to worry about your kids name fading with one wash, when stamped directly on to textiles, the stamp is waterproof up to 95°C, machine washable up to 60°C when stamped on the fleece and dishwasher safe up to 75°C when stamped on the stickers. Ideal for marking on school uniforms, paper, cardboard, tupper ware, pencil cases, toys, stationery and PE kit; when it comes to your kids belongings, this multi-purpose stamp will make parents' lives hassle free. Quick and easy to use, Trodat's versatile Stamp 'N Stick will mark kids possessions helping to identify their items. A personalised textile stamp that's kid-friendly and in trend, Trodat's letting you explore your creativity with this one. Customise the rubber stamp and produce a unique impression mixed with a few of your kid's favourite emojis.


Letter/Text size of stamp 4mm. 

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Whats in the Box

The Stamp 'N Stick Includes 1 green stamp with black textile ink cartridge, 1 letter and number set with fun icons, 30 durable stickers, 1m iron fleece, 1 set of tweezers

Stamp directly onto

Stamp directly on to fabrics, paper and cardboard, mark the hardcover labels; stick them on to tougher materials including shoes, tupper ware, toys, pencils etc. or stamp the iron fleece for better ligibility when marking darker textiles

Setup Yourself

Font size 4mm with the option to create 14 characters per line with up to 3 lines

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